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Aviator tricks. Make 1000 x's

Though Aviator is a very simple game in terms of its gameplay, when it comes to finding a decent betting strategy that will earn you a constant streak of big wins, things get a little bit more tricky. The main thing to pay attention to is the amount and the kind of bets. The minimal stake depends on the currency and the maximal amount of stakes per flight is two. The tricks for playing single or dual bets per round are very different.

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Single bet Aviator tricks

This is the best option for new players. Making one bet per session allows one to be more attentive to the gameplay process and stay calm. First of all, it is important to choose the starter deposit sum. The amount of each stake depends on this factor. It is advisable to be prepared for 150-250 bets in order to have a chance for great winnings.

Game Tricks aviator game

There are three trick strategies that a lot of players use to win at the Aviator game:

  • No risk betting trick. Though this tactic won’t result in a quick jackpot, it will be profitable in the long run, since the player makes fewer mistakes and rarely loses. The point of this trick is to keep cashing out at low odds of x1.20 – x1.25. This process can be simplified by the game’s automatic mode. While play aviator in accordance with this style, the gambler will rarely fail and increase their balance slowly but steadily;
  • Average risk strategy. This trick is great for the players less limited in the number of credits available for wagering. This trick implies cashing out at the x2-x3 multiplier. The chance of winning those multipliers is about 40%. This method can potentially yield a nice amount of cash;
  • High-risk strategy. This trick depends on one’s analytical thinking ability. This method implies cashing out at the x100+ odds. This occurs approximately one time per hour. That is why it is important to read the Aviator graphs and try to calculate the moment of the next x100 multiplier.

Employing any of those tactics can result in a decent amount of winnings with relatively low risks. That is why those are advised for novice players.

Double bet tricks

Placing two stakes is a bit more difficult than the previous option, but betting styles are roughly the same. The main point is that it is possible to combine two of the aforementioned tricks. For example, you can place the first stake on an auto-game mode according to the low-risk trick, and the second one you can manage manually in accordance with the average risk method.

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But if you wish to try the high-risk trick with two bets, it is highly advisable to cash out the first stake on the multiplier of x30-x35, and the second on x100. In this manner, you will minimize losses if the second bet fails to reach the maximum odds.


Aviator games are indeed a fine way to combine potential big winnings and thrilling gameplay that requires one to be attentive and think before every bet. The most important point is to stay calm and avoid excessive betting, in order to stay within the allocated budget for bets or even multiply it.

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