Aviator game algorithm 2023

aviator game algorithm

Before starting to play Aviator, it is very important to find out how it even works. Understanding the game algorithm and finding specific patterns of its results indeed takes a lot of brainpower. Yet, everything is not so complicated. The main point to keep in mind is that the game’s randomness makes it obvious that no guide or strategy will give you a 100% win rate.

But it doesn’t mean that you should not try and understand the game. After all, following the game process for a while and reading the graphs can make you come to a conclusion that there is a tiny chance of guessing if the next round will be the one with an x100+ multiplier.

Aviator game

How does the Aviator game work

Aviator is a game of the so-called “Crash” genre. That means that the main goal is to cash out at a specific altitude before the plane flies away from the screen. That is the game’s graphical representation. This casino game has two available betting options – single and double stakes. While the first one is self-explanatory, the second one means that there will be two planes. Each will disappear at a different altitude.

The main principle is that the plane’s altitude is represented as a specific number with an “x”. This is the bet multiplier, also known as the odds. This is the number that the player’s bet will be multiplied by when they press the cashout button. For example, a bet of 500 Indian rupees cashed out with a 40x multiplier will result in a 20,000₹ win. The commonly occurring multipliers are varying from 1x to 10x. The chances for everything above are decreasing, but never equal to 0%.

The Aviator game is based on the Random Number Generator system. The system generates a number for each round. The plane disappears from the screen once it reaches this number. Since this system is random it is quite difficult to predict the next number.

Still, some players employ different betting tricks to hack the system and get an increased win rate. These are examples of those tricks and strategies:

  • Early cashout method. This technique implies that the players cash out at the multipliers of 1.2x-1.5x. This is one of the safest methods of playing since the plane rarely disappears right after starting;
  • Minimum-maximum risk bets. There are three tactics for betting that depend on the amount of money one is wishing to receive and their willingness to take risks for a big jackpot;
  • Stake budget limitation. This one is the best method to avoid getting bankrupt by playing Aviator online. Players should allocate a set amount of money they are willing to spend on gambling.

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As a matter of fact, these tricks are often interesting concepts that prove to be efficient to some extent. But it is still important to keep in mind that there is no 100% way to predict the next multiplier.


While trying to “hack” the Aviator game by pure logic and analysis is indeed an interesting approach to gambling, one should always remember that playing such games should be a relaxing and entertaining experience. It is never a bad idea to use the Aviator game as a sort of a puzzle and train one’s analytical skills.

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