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Aviator is a popular form of entertainment that is very different from the classic gambling machines and other internet casino games. This software features unique graphics, a gameplay concept, rules and several other special feats that make it more prominent in contrast to other games.

Casino game Aviator for money
Casino game Aviator for money
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The Aviator game was developed by Spribe. This is a gaming software development company that provides the players with a unique game. The game allows for an easy choice of the initial bet’s multiplier. The game’s uniqueness is about it having no slots, payout lines, symbols or any other features that are common for online casino gaming options.

Review of the game Aviator for money

Play Aviator Casino
Play Aviator Casino

It is possible to play the aviator game on any relevant device, be it a computer or a smartphone. Regardless of the chosen platform, the machine’s colourful design and its plane flight mechanic remain the same. The game can be played either in manual or automatic mode, with both real cash and demo versions available.

A convenient downloadable mobile app version is also included. This game variant provides for easy and fast aviator betting with no extra stress on the device’s RAM. Such an option also takes less internet traffic in contrast to the web browser version. Still, in order to launch and play Aviator, the user’s device has to be connected to the internet via a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

It is important to keep in mind that downloading the software from unofficial websites or file-exchanging services is a major risk, since such sources often distribute malware by making it look like an official application. The official 1win app, for example, can be downloaded for free from the official website and offers stable, fair and secure gameplay to every user.

Aviator gameplay

aviator crash game
aviator crash game

This game substantially differs from any other conventional form of online casino entertainment. Aviator is devoid of slots or symbol combinations. This game is processed solely by the random number generator system. The result is always random and unpredictable, and thus cannot be altered. Still, some players often come up with Spribe Aviator game tricks that help them win more money.

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When the game starts, the player has to place their Aviator bet on 2 spots. Those can be chosen at the same time or independently. After the bet is fixed, the plane starts. As its speed increases, the aviator odds do the same. The player always observes the current multiplier. The main goal of this game is to cash out at the desired multiplier before the plane leaves the screen. Yet, the plane can depart at any random moment.

This is exactly the part that makes this game so thrilling and difficult. If the player fails to press the cashout button before the plane’s disappearance, they lose the bet. As to how to read Aviator game graph, it is important to remember that the plane goes both up and down, thus increasing or decreasing the odds. In case the player presses the button, they receive the winnings multiplied according to the current odds.

A typical Aviator casino game features a rather simple user interface. There are such elements as the betting and cashout buttons, game settings and auto-game mode. Moreover, the game interface includes statistics, such as the other players’ winnings, top 10 biggest wins and the player’s personal highest multipliers. Overall, the user interface is very simple and accessible. This allows for comfortable gameplay with no distractions.

Strategy: How to play Aviator game and win

Aviator Betting Strategy
Aviator Betting Strategy

The iGaming platform players usually employ some classic strategies when it comes to playing the Pin Up Aviator. Those include an increase of the stake according to the previously lost amount of money. This strategy is also known as “The Martingale strategy” and is absolutely ideal for the ones with very limited betting funds.

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Some Becric casino clients often choose to use the betting tactic that implies a reduction of the stake in accordance with the lost amount of cash. Other strategies include increasing the consecutive bet sums, early cashouts and many other options that can be accessed freely on the internet or casino-themed forums and social networks.

Almost every major internet gambling service has a social network and messenger profiles where they provide gameplay tips and the most basic strategies for their players to try out. They also post FAQs and guides on a regular basis, where they give explanations on such topics as how to play Aviator game. A lot of popular gambling experts often have youtube or telegram channels where they explain how to predict Aviator game.

Aviator game
Play aviator game

Though no one will give an explicit answer to the question of “How to hack Aviator game online?”. There is a set of rules to be followed in order to play safely. The rules are as follows:

  • Rationalize your gaming budget and avoid going out of its limit;
  • Allocate a limited amount of time for playing online casinos per day;
  • Make sure to read through the betting guides from more experienced members of the casino player community in order to avoid rash decisions;
  • Every custom betting strategy has to be tested in demo mode before making real cash stakes.

And the most important part is to make sure that the Aviator casino has a proper license and works according to the laws. Non-legitimate casinos are most likely to be made for the sake of monetary fraud. Online gambling websites with no license should never be trusted. Moreover, the gaming software should also be provided by worldwide known development teams and be properly certified.

Every gambling machine gets thorough testing by independent experts and only then gets a certificate of security and fairness. Besides, after each round, the system checks itself for any external alterations. In case it finds some malicious code, the winnings will not be paid out. This is the reason why one should never trust strategies that somehow involve so-called “cheats” or webpage code editing.

How to start betting?

play aviator for money
play aviator for money

Before making real money stakes, the players have to pass several important steps. First of all, every new Aviator player has to register an account on the official casino website. After the account is created, one has to log in. This is done by pressing the “Sign In” button on the official website of the gambling service, filing in the requested data and proceeding to the profile page. Players are then to make their first deposit on the amount of cash, specified in the user agreement.

It is also very important to verify personal data. Since online gambling is only allowed for adults, every new user has to send photos or scanned pictures of their identification documents that will be proof of one’s adulthood. After the account is verified, the client is absolutely ready to make bets and withdraw the winnings.

Before making a bet in Aviator, players are to adjust the stake amount on every betting option. Besides, players may choose to set up an auto-game mode that will restart each round according to the set parameters. The auto-game stops either automatically when the player runs out of money, or manually when the user chooses to stop it.

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It is important to remember to try demo mode before making actual bets. In this mode, players can work out their betting strategy and learn how the game works. One is also free to ask other players and staff members for hints via a special online casino chat.

Referring to the other players’ results is also crucial when it comes to deciding which strategy is better to employ. For instance, if one wishes to try the Martingale strategy, they should refer to the Top-Winnings list. Thus, the player can try to predict the possible outcome of the Aviator game round.


Choosing to play Aviator is probably the best way to receive a real thrilling experience of playing a completely random casino game. Apart from that, this game offers an opportunity to get a massive jackpot in only a few seconds. Yet, this game is not to be underestimated. Aviator is a great test for one’s analytical thinking ability. Only by learning from your own and others’ mistakes is it possible to succeed and get the best gameplay experience.

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